Drip Fertigation

It is evident that the farmer is facing the problem of shortage of irrigation water.Drip fritigation ensures required quantity, proper place, proper time, and regular supply of water fertilizer. Fritigation enhances the utilization of fertilizers and crop yield. So, Drip Fritigation not only ensures proper utilization of irrigation water, but also is an effective way to improve the yield quality of crops.


  • The proper quantity and in time supply of water nutrition result in increase of yield
  • The weight of flowers and fruit is increased
  • It saves upto 40% of irrigation water which can be used to irrigate further area.
  • It saves the cost of Application of water, fertilizer and weeding.
  • In dry areas the absence of weeds saves cost of diesel and electricity
  • The dry clean place in between rows reduces the chances of disease attack
  • Application of fertilizer around root zone enhances its utilization
  • The yield can be improved in uneven fields
  • It results in balanced, btetter, and early growth of crops.