Walk in Tunnel

 Walk-in Tunnels:

These are lower in height as compared to High tunnels. Walk-in-tunnels provide high yield compared to Low tunnels. The tunnel is suitable for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper and hot pepper.

Things to remember before start:

• Prior to start off-season vegetable cultivation in tunnels, the investor must have practical knowledge about farming.

• Soil and water quality of the farming site should be tested before start.

• Self-pollinated plants should be grown.

• Recommended seed should be used.

• Farmer must have complied and critically analyzed market information to earn high profits.



• To introduce intensive cultivation per unit area.

• To get maximum output/unit area.

• To get production as per market demand.

• To minimize the environmental Hazards.

• To increase the life span and production ability of the plants.

• To promote vertical cultivation to enhance quality and quantity of the produce and to lessen the area availability issues.

• To get 3-5 times more production as compared to that taken in an open field.

• To fetch higher price of produce because of its early availability in the market.

• To save the input resources like water, fertilizer and Time & space.

• To manage the crops in controlled and comparatively easy conditions.

• To grow the crops in shorter time periods/growing seasons.


Suggestions for Successful production:

• Always keep the direction of the tunnel from East to West for better temperature gains inside the tunnel.

• Always use good quality seed.

• For cucumber, use Parthinocarpic variety seed.

• For tomato, use indeterminate variety seed.

• Use fertile soil and maintain its fertility during throughout the season.

• Always grow more profitable vegetables as per market survey.

• Protect seed of cucumber from rodents and insects till its germination.

• Irrigate in morning and evening or as per expert’s advice according to the growing/atmospheric conditions inside your tunnel farm.

• All plants are tied up with rope.

• Prune the plants particularly three nodes at initial stage.

• Use minimum quantity of farm yard manure for cucumber as compared to sweet pepper and tomato crops.

• Use drip irrigation for economic irrigation and fertilizer application.

• To avoid germination of weed, use black mulch into the growing bed.

• Apply proper pesticide at proper time to control the insects or fungi.

• Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Tunnel as it may cause a quick spread viral diseases throughout the tunnel.

 Temperature requirements for Best Growth of Vegetables:

 Growing season for Off-season production of selected vegetables: